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My name is Olga and I have a passion for accessories, so I applied my experience in the Australian fashion industry to deliver an alternative to mainstream handbags. My original Eclipse fashion bags range – created especially for fellow handbag aficionados everywhere.

Fashionable form — flawless function

I understand the incredible thrill that comes from knowing you have a unique fashion item. So I only do a small production run of each of my fresh handbag designs. That means it would be a rare indeed to spot someone else with a bag like yours. Meanwhile each of my Eclipse handbag creations boasts:

  • Natural leather construction: the ultimate in soft, durable and breathable material.
  • Proven design expertise: I draw on many years of experience in the Australian fashion industry.
  • Inspired styles: my design inspirations come from everything: nature, art, travel destinations and jewellery.
  • Craftsmanship: I have handpicked my manufacturer for optimum production quality.
  • Affordable pricing: I am committed to making quality leather handbags to fit within tight budget.

Get a handle on exclusive leather handbag designs

As a woman and a fashion professional I know your handbag must work hard for you. So you will find my bags as functional as they are beautiful. Smart design and insightful sizing ensure you can carry all essentials with you effortlessly. Plus lightweight craftsmanship and premium materials make Eclipse bags a comfortable joy to carry.

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